Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A day in my shoes

A day in my shoes....Apple Tree Medical


Two years ago I designed a small medical practise for a sweet English couple that now live in Cairns. The brief was, to design a doctor surgery that didn't look like a "doctor surgery" but more like a friendly Queenslander home that is aimed at new mums. Now keep in mind this surgery was located in a brand spanking new shopping centre. It was also our job to come up with a name and overall brand/image with the help of an awesome graphics design crew in Melbourne. (3sided square). I think naming a new business is the hardest part, after a few goes we came up with 'Apple tree medical'. It’s a very sweet and friendly name that reflects are client beautifully.
We worked very closely with the client and they were involved in every last detail. They would be on site everyday watching their practise come together. I would receive daily updates and photos. To be honest I have never had such an involved and excited client before. We worked with a seriously good shopfitter that's work is perfect and stress free.
Being a twenty something girl that looks about 19 in the construction industry has its upsides and downsides. Walking onto a construction site on your own can be intimidating. However the shopfitters that we worked with on this project treat you equally and they never talk down to you. All this combined is what made the project so successful.

So after lots of hard work here is the finished product.

I have now started on surgery number two. This blog will updated once a week, to show the process of what an interior designer actually does! I hope you enjoy it

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