Thursday, February 17, 2011

Young Republic

There will be a new website supporting Australian designers coming out in March! Im involved and you should be too! Here is what they have to say....

A breakthrough website for emerging Australian designers will soon usher in tremendous growth for local design businesses.The first of its kind to hit Australian shores, Young Republic will showcase original designs from emerging Australian fashion, jewellery and homeware designers when it launches in March.
Never before has an online marketplace been targeted specifically to the Australian design industry, with counterparts Etsy and Us Trendy catered towards US demographics. Local designers will be able to take advantage of Young Republic’s push to the Australian mainstream retail markets, encouraging growth and recognition in their home country.
Apart from having no setup or listing fees, Young Republic will also provide additional opportunities to build brands and entrepreneurial skills with a team of industry experts, a feature other online marketplaces have failed to provide.
Registrations are now open for emerging designers interested in becoming a part of Young Republic. Visit for more information.

designers already involved

madeline tait
little gracie


pony rider

pony rider
and o designs

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  1. Very cool. Love that Pony Rider bunting & Speech bubble necklace :)